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Welcome to how to create a page on the wiki of ConspiracyCraft. Read carefully to understand fully how to create a page so you won't have any issues.

How to create a new page[edit]

First of all, you will want to copy a link like this

Edit the "Main_Page" part to whatever you want to call the page. Example: Open the link you created and it will tell you that the page doesn't exist and it will give you the option to create it.

After creating the page you will want to edit it. The title of the page will already be there because you named the page when you created the link.

How to start[edit]

When you are in the editing mode, You change how the display will be to whatever you want. Under the title, just like it is on this page, You will want to explain what the title means, what it is this wiki page is about.

Example: You are writing about mcMMO, you will want to talk about what mcMMO is, and what it's we use it for. and then you can go into details with your wiki.

Wiki tricks | Sub titles and more[edit]

You can learn all about them, either by opening the editing tab here in this page to see how we made it, or visit this link to learn about formatting or this link. to learn about adding links


If you are lost and don't know where to exactly start or how to format the page correctly, we have a free to use template ready for you take a look at and learn from it. Download: Click here


If you are reading, know that you might be interested in working on our wiki! If so, please contact Jamm or Dabriel on discord @T Y L E R#6343 We do appreciate all the help we can get.

This wiki is powered using MediaWiki, if you would like to learn more about it. Please visit this link. The more you know about it, the more beautiful the wiki can be.