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RPG Items are split into 4 classes(Common, Uncommon, Rare, [Legendary, Mythical, Heroic]). Each kind of the Races will have its own collection of weapons. For an Elf: Bow, Wands. For a Werewolf: Axe, Hammers for a Human: Sword, Shield

If something is not included in this wiki, but you have seen it in-game. That means it's not fully released yet.

What are they?[edit]

RPG Items are armor/weapons that have different powers. Their stats define how powerful each item is. The higher the stats are, the stronger the item gets. The main stats you will get is the Damage Value. When the item's tier is higher, the stats will go up with it. Each item might come with Extra Stats. Some might be for Bonus Damage, Defense, Fire attack, etc. You will have to explore.


As stated above, the main stats is the Damage Value. The other extra stats are something that will definitely get your item to a better stage, but also might have other side effects. Like, give you random slowness, hunger. But that's not an issue, these effects aren't common at all. Are the stats that I get changeable? can I upgrade? Yes.

Power Stone[edit]

Each item you get, it might not only come with extra stats but with also Slots for Power Stones. Power Stones are a powerful Stones that have a magical spell assigned to them. There are 4 kinds of power stones:

- Defense Power Stone: It applies to Armor, and gives bonus defense stats against Players or Mobs. - Golden Power Stone: It applies to Armor, and gives bonus Dodge and Accuracy stats. - Grief Power Stone: It applies to any weapon, and gives bonus Damage stats against Players or Mobs. - Green Power Stone: It applies to any sword/axe, and gives bonus Crit. dmg stats.

The power stones have levels, the stats will go up and down depending on the power stone's level.

Spell Book[edit]

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Ability Stone[edit]

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Magic Dust[edit]

The Magic Dust is a simple item that helps with the stats of a power stone, or an enchantment, rune, ability stone. Each add-on has its own success and failure rate. The magic dust helps you to make the Success rate go up, and that will increase the chance of the item to successfully apply to the RPG Item of yours. There's only one kind of the Magic Dust, and it has levels, the stats will go up and down depending on the Magic Dust's level.