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Undead are creatures that were once alive. They were reanimated by an external force and are often used as soldiers for the force that reanimated them. Depending on the time that has passed between their death and their reanimation, their bodies will have decayed to different degrees. Their minds won’t be what they were before. They won’t remember much of their life before death, just slices of information. They have forms of communication between themselves, but can’t communicate with the living. When their bodies haven’t been too badly damaged during their demise, their souls will remain somewhat clear of mind. The bodies of badly injured living, will turn into very disorganized undead who can hardly even understand each other.


The Tempers that are found in Mysteria were once human citizens of the neighboring kingdom of Naabridum. Their lands were recently invaded by an unknown evil. Most of the inhabitants of Naabridum died in the attacks. Their king, Flavus, was reportedly killed as well. After a while, he was seen leaving The Domain, marching an undead army into Efentêam.

As they only died recently, their bodies are only in an early stage of decay. They still have their organs and their flesh, even as they won’t technically need them anymore. They certainly look dead, apart from the fact that they still walk around.

It appears that the invading evil had reanimated King Flavus and most of his soldiers. They were then forced to leave their old kingdom and fled into Efentêam.

Being no longer human or actually alive, they won’t be able to communicate with the living. Every meeting between the living and the dead has resulted and will result in a fight, as both parties have nothing to gain and everything to fear from each other.

Flavus has marched his army into The Steel Cavern. Hiding from the evil and the living. Most of his former citizens followed him in there, but some of them were so badly damaged that they didn’t understand his intentions. They wandered off into the wild and set up small unorganized camps.


Most of their origin is unknown. All that is certain is that they were reanimated long ago by. They were death long before Naabridum was invaded.

Due to the time between their death and their reanimation, their bodies consist of not much more than bones. They are walking skeletons.